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Ritorno "R" Sauce

Our much decorated master Chef Angeli has created a new dipping sauce for our customers to enjoy with their Fried Comfort Foods.

We introduce the new Ritorno Sauce or as we call it "R" Sauce.

This new sauce has a delightful flavor unlike any dipping sauce ever experienced. It is especially good with our Onion Rings but goes equally as well with French Fries, Buffalo Wings and even our Jalapeno Cheese Poppers.

Order any of these delightful side orders and we will include our newest "R" Sauce for you to try. Get them now!



NEW White Pizza

We are thrilled to offer a new addition to our menu.

The White Pizza

The white pizza is a gourmet pizza that was popularized by Rachael Ray on the Food Network. We offer our own gourmet version of the white pizza:

Alfredo Sauce - Cream, Garlic and spices and parmesean cheese.
Ricotta Cheese Mix - Our mixture of Ricotta and parmesean cheese and spices.
Parsley Flakes for garnish.
This specialty pizza has an incredible taste, that shouts, I want more!
We can add toppings, including:

  • Mozzarella and/or Provalone Cheese
  • Fresh Basil and Tomatoes
  • Any of our other great pizza toppings.

Stop in and try a sample. For a limited time we are offering free samples of our newest addition to anybody stopping by the restaurant. Come on by and get some today!


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