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Why open at 5 pm?

Why do you open at 5 pm.
Well, in a nutshell, it is the economy. The businesses in our area used to order regularly for their staff members. Every day we would get orders for 10 to 15 people, paid for by the company. A few years ago, that became less frequent, and we spoke with at least two of these companies and they told us flat out. "Business is slow. Revenue is down and costs are up. We just cannot afford to buy lunch for the staff at this time."

Individuals are hit by the recession as well. As more people "Brown Bag" their lunch to save a few bucks, it gets harder to pool a few lunches to make the $20 minimum for delivery to the office.

As most most everyone can see, the office building next door to us has underground parking, but not for free. Their clients and visitors use the parking on Sepulveda, including the space in front of our restaurant through the lunch hour, leaving nowhere for you to park. Picking up your lunch order is nearly impossible.

Unfortunately, that is the situation we currently are presented with.

Someday, prosperity will return to our local economy. Business will again buy lunch for the crew, and people will again order for delivery. And maybe the building next door will even lower their parking rates. When that day arrives, we can afford to open for lunch and the mid afternoon hours.

Until then, we are grateful that our customers in the neighborhoods around the restaurant enjoy our food in the evening. We can offer prompt delivery and easy parking for order pickup.


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